Adult Taekwondo

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Our adult Taekwondo class is perfect for anyone looking try out a martial art.  It follows a full Taekwondo syllabus which includes traditional patterns, pad drills, semi contact sparring (optional), self defence and more.

We focus on working with you at your pace to ensure you are never left behind or fell lost.

As we are a family run school we have a ethos of friendliness which runs through our whole school, everyone is made to feel welcome and other members are more than happy to help out if you need them.

All this helps you to boost your confidence, improve your fitness and make some great new friends.

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Our school is not a fight school, you will not be expected to fight anyone.  We know that lots of people would like to learn a martial arts but are worried they might have to fight people, this is not the case.  You will not be required to do any form of sparring that you don't want to do, everything can be done on pads instead of against a partner. 

As you progress you might want to participate in the semi contact sparring that we do, that will be your choice which we will respect.

So if this sounds like something you would like to try then contact us to book on your free trial now.

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