Junior Taekwondo

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Our Junior martial arts programme is designed for our 7 to 12 year old members.  Its focus is on building confidence and life skills as well as learning the art of Taekwondo.

Our Junior programme use many of the techniques used in our Adult classes such as pad work drills, and semi contact sparring to improve fitness.  Traditional patterns and Line work drills to improve concentration and coordination while still maintaining a fun learning environment.

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Junior Taekwondo follows a full Taekwondo syllabus broken down into smaller chunks to help them learn and retain it.  Class is taught with the help of assistant instructors and cadet leaders to help provide more attention to each member.

Our Junior Taekwondo programme is ideal for children as the progress through school and to prepare them for high school as they will learn:

  • How to defend themselves

  • To be confident in any situation

  • To have respect for themselves and others.

  • How enjoy exercise to improve their fitness​

Do you want your child to try out our Junior classes?  Then contact us now for you no obligation trial class.

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