White Belt

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10th Kup Grading - (White belt to yellow stripe)

(Grading syllabus can change at examiners discretion) 


  • Press-ups 10 times

  • Sit ups 10 times

  • Jump jacks 10 times


Line work:

  • Front rising kick (leg raise exercise) 5 each leg (to examiners count)

  • Sitting stance – single punch 10 times (to examiners count)

  • Middle section obverse punch in walking stance (Same arm and leg forward)

  • Middle section reverse punch in walking stance (Opposite arm and leg forward)

  • Low block in walking stance

  • Low block reverse punch in walking stance

  • Middle block in walking stance

  • Middle block reverse punch in walking stance

  • Front kick in walking stance keeping hand in guard position


Floor Exercise:

  • Sajo Jirugi (four directional exercise)

  • 3 Step sparring number 1


Required Theory:

What does white belt signify?

White belt signifies innocence, having no previous knowledge of Tae Kwon Do.


What do the words Tae Kwon Do mean?

Foot, hand and art.


What are the five tenants?

Courtesy – Integrity – Perseverance – Self-Control – Indomitable Spirit


Count to 5 in Korean:

one hanna, two dool, three set, four net, five dasaul.

What is Korean for walking stance? – describe the stance.

Gunnon sogi - (1 ½ shoulders long, 1 wide – 50/50 weight distribution)


Training hall - Dojang

Training suit - Dobok

Instructor - Sabum

Belt - Ti

Attention - charyot

Bow – kyong ye

Ready - chunbi

Return to ready stance - barrol

High – Nopunde

Middle – Kaunde

Low - Najaude

Attention stance – Charyot sogi

Parallel ready stance – Narani chunbi sogi

Sitting stance – Annun sogi (1 ½ shoulders widths wide)

Obverse punch – Baro jirigi (same arm and leg forward)

Reverse punch – Bandae jirigi (opposite arm and leg forward)

Forearm – Palmok

Inner forearm – An palmok

Inner forearm block – An palmok makgi

Outer forearm – Bakat palmok

Outer forearm block – Bakat palmok makgi

In middle block, what is the height of the fist and the angle of the arm? - Fist level with the shoulder, arm 90 degrees